Weekend Wardrobe


Maybe you hate your boss or school sucks a month into the semester. Either way, Fall weekends are the perfect excuse to get away. At the same time, you don’t want to pack much. Just enough to say “ok, I’ll definitely wear these for sure”.

made in usa clothing essentials

Simple sweaters and hoodies are the true definition of everyday clothing. In quality, it’s easy packing either of these styles to reuse and repurpose. From the city to camp or orchards in the outdoors. 

Photo via Instagram by @connordever

That rugged, heavyweight feel found only on our garments using fabrics sourced directly in North Carolina, provide the sturdy durability that doesn’t wear your clothes out no what what the occasion and adventure. 

 made in usa sweatpants and hoodies unisex clothing

Left: Athletic Fit Crewneck | Right: Work Fit Hoodie & Classic Sweatpants

For a less relaxed feel, we recommend the Athletic Fits for that perfect snug. Throw on a light zip-up and you’re ready to embrace the day. When you really want to layer up or simply enjoy feeling relaxed in your clothes, that’s when the Work Fits come in. However, of course, sweatpants are a default for any occasion.