About Us


Since 2017, Stateline redefines what it means to manufacture clothes in the United States. Designed in New York City, we take classic sweats back to their roots, and have them made right in North Carolina, USA.

Iconic, American-made garments, hoodies and sweatpants are the everyday uniform. As a brand and group of people, we aspire to create products that we love with everlasting value. Being made in the US, we've achieved guaranteed quality with our garments. Guaranteed to last for years to come. 

Aly, Production (left) Ray, Marketing (right)

Surprise! It may seem like a shocker, but we're really just a small business run by a couple of kids. And Ryan, who handles our logistics (not pictured but we'll get a photo out of him soon).  Aly, who oversees production, manages to get all our styles made in partnership with USA-based factories. Ray, manages marketing and branding. 

Have questions? Want to learn more? Feel free to email us via customerservice@stateline.us